Apr 18 2011 – Supremacy Concert

We were blessed with All Access Passes to the Supremacy concert held this past Saturday night, April 16. With our cameras in hand we moved in and out of rooms, up and down aisles, and amongst many people. A few of our favorite event photos are below (some are on our Facebook page, with more to come on our website). If you were at the show and we took your picture, chances are you will see yourself here.

There were some special guests who graced the stage including Assel Jean Pierre Sr, Assel Jean Pierre Jr, Impact, Toni-Ann Singh, and others. (By the way, if you haven’t heard Ms. Toni sing, you are missing out. She did a rendition of “We Shall Behold Him” like no other I’ve heard before. ‘Breathtaking’ is a word that comes to mind.)

Supremacy is a Christian group made up of three men originally from Haiti. They have been performing together for ten years. They were recently signed with LaFace Productions and this concert was to not only celebrate the group’s 10-year anniversary but also to promote the release of their album, “I’m Free.” For more information about the group Supremacy you can find them on the web at http://www.supremacy4.com/ or visit them on Facebook. If you want to pick up their CD you will find it on cdbaby.


About Shelly Cassandra

Mom, wife, sister, daughter, and friend, are some of my titles. I am also a geek of sorts, a photographer, wannabe author and world traveler who loves cars and shoes, sunglasses and my family.
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