Miss Runway Teen Beach Photoshoot

Miss Runway Teen 2011 could be seen yesterday morning smiling and posing for our cameras at the crack of dawn.

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My Mother’s Day

…I had a really nice one. I know it’s late but at least it’s still May.  🙂  I was fortunate to win a spa night. Yay, me! Thanks to Blue Felix, LLC, the pamper specialists for an awesome Sat night – Blue Felix really knows how to show customer appreciation! Attendees were greeted at the villa door by the beautiful, smiling face of Blue Felix’ owner, Felicia Alce. We were then invited in and welcomed by the staff. As we went through the door we received the goodie bags we needed to fully experience the evening – a robe, slippers, hair net, pedicure items and more. The evening looked promising. We changed and headed to the kitchen to snack and talk while awaiting our turn in the massage room. I snapped photos every now and then, between bites of fruit. Being in group A, I had my feet taken care of first. We soaked our feet in hot water while taking turns choosing our foot scrub, courtesy of Mary Kay and Armelle Loren. I, of course, chose the chocolate scrub. The accompanying foot massage left my feet tingling well into the next day! The back massage came next. Seeing a male masseuse emerge I was unsure whether to be uncomfortable or not, but I sucked up any trepidation and headed in. So glad I did!! Ducarmel, who also teaches movement therapy, was amazing! How could 15 minutes feel like both a lifetime and too short at the same time? Did I mention he was amazing? *sigh* I reluctantly got up from the table and forced myself out of the room. On to the next station for my facial. Felicia had us exfoliate our hands, lips, and face as she told us her story of how and why she chose to join Mary Kay. Next would have been makeover but my night had to end and the makeover put off until a few days later.  It was 1 am that fast. We hit the road with tingles and memories. Felicia deserves an award for what she pulled off. You can reward yourself if you let her come over and do a party for you.  😀  She’s on FB too. Or you can email or call her: bluefelix2010@gmail.com. Phone: 347.614.0649. She promises to have some great Fathers’ Day gifts.

Felicia Alce = Pamper Specialist The night's winner holding up her prize worth over $100!

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